Activity of all the neurons recorded in the mouse brain, whilst the animal does a correct trial in the IBL-task

What do we study ?

Adaptive behavior requires processing sensory information with focused attention, reaching decisions, acting, and learning from the results of those actions. These require the brain to combine a vast array of information from prior experience, current sensory stimuli, and internal and environmental contexts. These computations involve dynamic interactions between millions of neurons within local circuits and across many brain regions.

How is our study conducted ?

We conduct our study on mice trained to do a standardized task, that prompts adaptive behavior. We recorded the signals from multiple single neurons using Neuropixels probes inserted into one hemisphere of the mouse brain. We also recorded the mouse motion using cameras, and various signals from other sensors.

For a comprehensive view, please explore the data, or read the article detailing the task and the article detailing our standardized recording methods.

The data was collected in 12 different laboratories across the globe.

What is our aim ?

We want to provide a dataset containing the activity of thousands single neurons in a volume spanning the whole hemisphere of the mouse brain.

How much data do we have ?

We recorded 295501 neurons (out of which 32766 are considered to be neurons) in 115 mice performing the task, by doing 547 insertions with Neuropixels probes. These neurons are distributed across 194 brain regions spanning one brain hemisphere.